Shipping Policy

Shipping in U.S.

U.S. shipping is free for orders over $25. All orders are shipped within 14 business days of purchase. Every item is made to order and it does take a couple of days to make resin items. A confirmation email and tracking number will be sent to your email. We will also be keeping track of the order as well. If there are any issues with the shipping process, please contact USPS. We are not responsible for what happens to the package once it is taken by USPS. If your package is lost in transit  this is the carrier's responsibility. In this case you may need to reach out to USPS directly for assistance. 

Shipping Time (In the U.S.)

We ship purchases within 14 days of the order being placed. This may not always be garanteed if external factors, such as weather, order size or time of order delay the shipping time.

International Shipping

Unfortuntely, we only ship within the the United States. We will being international shipping in the near future.

Other Shipping issues

If there are any issues with your order please contact